Richerson/Lusk Wedding:

The month started out with the Richerson/Lusk wedding at the Winter Wonderland of the Elkins Resort in northern Idaho. The weekend started out snowy and overcast with plenty of snow. The night before the wedding the air was crisp and cold. With a bonfire on the beach (over 2' of snow) we stayed warm .

The morning of the wedding the sky was clear and at -20F the air was crisp. I was up before the sun, dressed and out the door before the sun peaked above the mountains across the lake. As you can see from the images, the fog lifting from the lake made for an amazing sunrise! Over all it was an eventful day of magic that will be remembered for years to come. I am looking forward to going back this Summer to enjoy the lake.

With thousands of miles behind me in the month of February and as I pass from one  side of country to the other I was able to grab some amazing shots. Up on the High Line just out side of Harlem Montana there sits a Spanish style mission. The first time I passed it, the weather was cold and overcast. Definitely not the best weather for capturing images. On the next trip back headed west  the skies were perfect. After just a few minutes of looking around I knew why this location was picked to build. With nothing but the sound of the breeze blowing through the grass it was not hard to get into a calm and creative flow with my camera. As I look at these structures spread throughout the country side, I find it fascinating to think about the time period they were built in and the history these buildings have seen.

One end to the Other:

The best part of being a photographer is hands down building the relationships with the individuals and families that I get the pleasure to work with. It is great to hang out on a Sunday afternoon capturing moments that will be frozen in time and talked about for years to come. Before I know it, I am capturing events like their Gender Reveal Moment with photographs. While my shutter clicks images off at 6f/s and as I look through my lens I am second to know (the first is the lady who stuffed the balloons :-) in a chain of moments that will be recorded and shared for decades to come.  This is how I wrapped up my February... Cant wait to see how March ends :-)

Part of the Family: